Pakuranga Learning Centre is a pre-school childcare offering early childhood learning and education for children of ages between 3 months to 6 years.


We are open from Monday to Friday, 7.00am to 6.30pm (except public holidays), and we provide full day and sessional hours of childcare. 



2-3 yrs


0-2 yrs


3-6 yrs


Under 2’s Individual Development Plan


Our babies and toddlers have easy access to an environment

that is well resourced and encourages exploration and curiosity.

Kaiako (teachers) provide unhurried, open-ended, and sensory

rich experiences for tamariki to explore.


The importance of play as a vehicle for children’s learning is respected and valued. Tamariki  develop various social skills, fine and gross motor skills as well as oral language.


We have a comfortable and safe space that caters for young babies who are not yet able to sit by themselves, and for those who are crawling and learning to walk.


Having a common outdoor space for both over and under 2’s, we foster Tuakana-Teina relationship amongst the tamariki. An older tuakana helps and guides a younger teina in their discovery of the value of ako. These roles may be reversed anytime.


Through responsive and reciprocal relationships between Kaiako (teachers), tamariki (children) and whanau, culturally appropriate care practices are woven into the curriculum. We focus on developing children’s independent and social skills. Teachers encourage children to explore, question, and problem solve.


Toddlers are curious to the whole world.

They develop quickly to make sense of the environment around them.

We have a wide range of resources for them to observe, investigate  and explore. They are encouraged to develop their verbal language through different creative experiences in the group. They are supported to enhance their social-emotional skills by integrating into different groups.


Toddlers are given plenty of time and space to express and regulate their own emotions. They are encouraged to learn and develop their self-care and self-help skills.

In our daily practice the 4 to 6 -year-old children are given the

opportunity to strengthen their numeracy, literacy, social, self-help,

experiment, investigate, research and problem solving skills.


We provide meaningful learning contexts for children to develop

print awareness and alphabet knowledge through play-based

learning. Children are provided with language resources to support

their languages, especially Māori. 


Kaiako provide opportunities for tamariki to make sense of the natural, social, physical, and material world to be creative and imaginative and develop their working theories.


We enhance children’s mathematical learning through meaningful and interesting opportunities to engage children in games.


Our pre-schoolers are encouraged to do things independently.


We believe that our child based learning philosophy sets your children up well for their transition into school because they have been given the opportunity to participate in self-directed play and have developed self-help skills. We work collaboratively with local schools allowing us to integrate and interrelate learning dispositions and working theories in our curriculum, as well as gain useful information which we distribute to you.


We know that the transitiont to school can be difficult on parents, and we help prepare you for this by hosting an annual parent’s evening.